It’s Time to Put Faith to Work

It's time to put our faith to work! I'm asking everyone to please join me in a stand of faith for a young woman who is in the hospital fighting with cancer for her life. Her name is Fawn and she and her husband love the Lord but the enemy has attacked her with this aggressive … Continue reading It’s Time to Put Faith to Work

Supporting Faith

Supporting faith is more than just an agreement of words; it means actually standing with someone in spirit and in body, and  being an encouragement to keep them strong and to keep them standing. When we come to the crossroads and decide that we’re going to trust in God to heal us or deliver us from … Continue reading Supporting Faith

Stand in faith but don’t murmur

Take your stand in faith and be trusting and patient, but don't murmur about it! Often when we are taking a stand in faith it means we're giving up something that the world says we need while we turn our trust and confidence to God. It can often mean a sacrifice that can be a short term … Continue reading Stand in faith but don’t murmur