Speak out in faith…

Faith is believing in your heart. It’s quiet and hidden and often only becomes real to  you, the believer, and to people around you when you speak it out. You hear the words, you meditate on them and you act on them.

Doubt is the opposite of faith and can be loud and aggressive while just as easily can be subtle and deceiving. It’s all around you and screams at you constantly because it wants to be heard and it wants you to act on it. It rides on the shoulders of family and friends, it hides in waiting for you in magazines, on television, in the music you listen to and in commercials. It can be so overwhelming that it pushes faith deep down inside our hearts until it’s buried and lost.

We need to make our faith as aggressive and loud as doubt – even louder. We need to speak out in faith and say what we believe and have no fear that our words don’t line up with what others are saying. All that matters is that they line up with what God is saying to us and for us.

Pray and seek God’s instruction, search the Bible and build your faith on His Word. Don’t take the scriptures out of context and try and fit them in with what you’re believing for. You’re not molding the Bible to suit your circumstances and faith stand, but rather you’re building your faith on what God has told us are our rights and privileges.

Speak it out! You don’t have to preach at people but when they ask you questions on the particular situation that you’re dealing with, don’t hide it, don’t deny it. Tell them what you’re believing for. Tell them that you’re standing in faith and believing God for the answer. They may approve, disapprove or even mock you, but that’s just doubt trying to get you down. You don’t want to be down, you want to be up so look up to God and praise Him for the faith He’s given you, and determine not to lose it.

Speak out in faith and you’ll convince yourself more and more that you’re trusting God, and those words will become your own benchmark that you’ll cling to.  Faith can be as loud as doubt. It’s up to you on how much power you want to give it. So, whether your heart is growing with bits of faith or bursting with overwhelming faith, give your faith power and speak it out! Turn your faith into works and see that God is good, that His Word is true and that His desire for His children is that they prosper and be in health even as their soul (through faith) prospers. So be like His child, and speak out in faith.

The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that is, the word of faith which we preach.” Romans 10:8

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