Worship Brings Faith to Life

There is a lot to be said about worship and how it feeds the faith inside us. Our faith in God and His Word grows as we study and pray, but it’s released into our own spirit when we worship Him.

Worshiping the Lord in song and being totally surrendered to Him relieves us from all our anxieties and allows us to come into His Holy presence. It bonds us together with God and it gives us the confidence that He is real and that He loves us.

There are many Christian musicians who have created awesome worship music for us to listen to at home, and often it’s at home that we can relax and truly get involved with worship.  Music has the ability to draw us away from our daily life and bring us into the mighty presence of God.

But worshiping and praising God is not limited to music alone.

As we grow in the Lord we give Him control over our life, and our focus and our motives for doing things become based around God’s will for our life.  The Bible says that in everything we do we should give thanks and praise to God.

So, as we live each day, our hearts should be open to an endless conversation with God, thanking Him for this, praising Him for that and asking His intervention for others that we see throughout the day. When we talk to God all day long He becomes our reason for living and our faith and our trust in Him grows.

When doubt creeps in to discourage our faith, this is the time that we should play our favorite worship music. It will drive out the doubt and refill us with faith and trust in God.  And if we’re at work and we can’t listen to music it should be the first thing we do when we get home.

Doubt is like a seed planted and if it’s left to grow, it will. And like a strong weed, it will slowly begin to choke out our faith. Worshipping God with music can literally destroy this bad seed – but others will come in its place and so we continue our fight of faith, but we will we always win because nothing bad can live in the presence of God!

 “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.” ……Psalm 48:1


4 thoughts on “Worship Brings Faith to Life

  1. Yes, lifting up our hearts and hands in worship can give us such hope in the midst of doubt. In fact, doubt should be non-existent when our eyes are focused on the One who overcomes all things.


  2. As is often the case with experiences we.have different impressions and reactions to worship styles. Lets look at the way God s people.worshiped before Moses after Moses and after Jesus.


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