Be Joyful in the Lord

Many church buildings are closed today and the people are not able to gather together to worship the Lord. But this should not stop any of us from praising God, rejoicing in His salvation, or giving thanks to Him for our lives. We can do this right now where we are. God's Spirit lives in … Continue reading Be Joyful in the Lord

Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

The world has no idea what it is doing by forbidding Christians to sing praises to our God. It is wrong in every way and God will deal with those who prevent His children from coming to Him in praise and song! Meanwhile, we need to worship Him at home, sing praises so loud that … Continue reading Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

Praising God in the Midst of Pain

Some people think that the best way to get the victory over their problems is to yell at the devil, quote Scriptures and command their rights over his. But God tells us to give the problems to Him, and that victory comes when we praise Him in the midst of our pain. Nowhere in the … Continue reading Praising God in the Midst of Pain

Worship Breaks the Shackles

As exciting as worship can be on Sunday mornings at church, it should never be limited to just Sunday. It should be part of our daily lifestyle that bursts forth because the heart can’t stop singing praises to God. We need to worship continuously because it’s the fuel that keeps us going. As it says in … Continue reading Worship Breaks the Shackles

In His Presence

In this era of new age “Christianity” and false doctrines, many Christians don’t know that their soul craves to be with God. He created our soul and put it into a body. This is why people are always looking for some spiritual connection in life—they are searching for God and don’t even know it. But those … Continue reading In His Presence

What IS it about Christmas?

The Christmas season is upon us, and it’s that one time of year when most people are happy, giving, FORgiving, kind, sharing, concerned, and just plain compassionate towards everyone. The atmosphere seems to bring out the best traits in many of us as we sing along with the carols and wrap gifts in pretty paper. … Continue reading What IS it about Christmas?

Walking a Thin Line

    The earth is being filled with “Christians” as the day of Christ’s return draws near. Some of these people are genuine, born-again believers, but most of them don’t even know God. They are captivated by a doctrine that speaks of universal love and heavenly blessings. The gospel they learn from says they were … Continue reading Walking a Thin Line

Take Everything to God in Prayer

Life can get so busy and so challenging at times that we often find ourselves fighting the trials that come against us with our own strength. We forget that God has provided an answer for us in a way that will not only give us the victory, but that will be a blessing to everyone … Continue reading Take Everything to God in Prayer

Worship Brings Faith to Life

There is a lot to be said about worship and how it feeds the faith inside us. Our faith in God and His Word grows as we study and pray, but it’s released into our own spirit when we worship Him. Worshiping the Lord in song and being totally surrendered to Him relieves us from … Continue reading Worship Brings Faith to Life

When a child sings…

When adults sing their praises to God in church it's a blessing. But when a child sings and praises God, and brings His very presence into the midst of the congregation it's not only awesome, it's amazing! Five year-old Katlyn Maher was video-taped singing Above All. Watch it and be blessed beyond words! "Suffer the … Continue reading When a child sings…