What to do while waiting….

We’ve all been at the place where we’re waiting and waiting and waiting on God for an answer and it doesn’t appear to be anywhere in the horizon.

What do you do? Do you go to plan B? Do you re-analyze the situation and ask God for something different? Do you tell God that you know of a better way for Him to do it?

When we’re asking God for things, we’re putting ourselves in the position of a child who is asking their parent for something. So, a great way to explain the “waiting on God” concept is to put ourself in the shoes of a child and react the same way that we have taught our children to react.

There are times in almost every parent’s life when a child gets lost. From day one most of us have taught our children that when they get to the place where they realize they are lost, they should walk to the nearest large tree or pole or whatever and wait there. We tell them to NOT wander around because they’ll only get more lost and it makes it very difficult for us – the parents – to find them. We teach them to stay put and WE will find THEM.

If we can use this same principle when waiting for God to get to us to fix our problem or heal us, then we have a better chance of actually receiving from God what we are asking for. When we become impatient and we begin to wander off, try a new plan or add more controversy to the one we have going, it makes it more difficult for US to see God.

When we’re looking for our lost child, we are searching diligently in every direction, but this is where God has the advantage over us. He never loses sight of us but WE lose sight of Him and that’s when we become lost. Several times when Jesus was called to come and heal someone, it took Him time BUT He always got there and He always did what He was called there to do.

God hears us the first time we pray but we must have enough faith in Him, enough confidence to know that He WILL do what He said, that we can wait for the answer regardless of what happens in the meantime. Sometimes the answer isn’t quite what we expect – isn’t exactly what we told God to do – but that’s because there are times that we aren’t praying for the best interest in our situation – sometimes we’re praying for the way WE want it to work out.  And that’s when the answer can be either a pleasant or a shocking resolution as God works out the perfect plan. 

The key in waiting on God for an answer is to wait – to stand and remain standing – and not to be impatient and wander off. We need to endure to the end to see the answer because it’s our faith in God that will bring the answer.

Have faith in God”…….Mark 11:22


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