When Valentine’s Day Hurts…

Today is Valentine’s Day in many parts of the world and with this day comes an heir of sentiment and congeniality

It’s a day that has been accepted by the  world  as THE day for lovers, as THE day to spend money you can’t afford to buy extravagant gifts that show your love and affection to someone. And while many people are totally caught up with the celebration and costly details of the day – and loving every second of it – others are hurting.

Many people would love to give gifts to their loved ones and show how much they care, but the finances aren’t there or the ability to get out and enjoy the expensive restaurants and events isn’t possible for them.

Other people are alone, have just broken up with their partner or lost their spouse, and many of them are hurting. The ongoing commercialism of the day reminds them that they ARE alone and that they have no one to celebrate the day with.

But we must remember that for the most part, Valentine’s Day IS a promotion of commercialism that has become one of the greatest business revenue occasions of the year. The hype is at its peek as the day begins and it grows every year regardless of how good or bad the economy is.  And it’s hard to break away from the captivation of the day because it’s everywhere – on TV, billboards, the internet, magazines, malls and even throughout many workplaces as individuals decorate their little corner with something.

But what we must remember is that love is much deeper than any business can imagine or depict it as being.  Love is the epitome of God’s heart – His reason for sending Jesus to the cross for us.  When we can rise every morning and know that He loves us, there is no worldly celebration that can come remotely close to the feeling we get through His love for us.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day is really a carnal satisfaction that many believe is necessary to sustain love between two people.

Godly love is the life and energy that we can have every second of every day, that feeds our spirit and gives us the strength and hope and desire to look forward to tomorrow. We are never really alone because God is ALWAYS there for us.  He’s quick to forgive us when we’ve acted poorly towards Him and He’s willing to bless us when we we’re ready to receive from Him. He never leaves us alone.

If you’re feeling lonely and left out of the world’s celebration today, just remember that God loves you so much that He gave us His only Son to die in your place. 

You are NOT alone – you are BLESSED!

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  …John 15:13

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