Living by the book…

The world we live in often has us pegged from day one with a plan for our lives.

The educational system is set up so that the “average” child’s life is plotted out for each grade, for when to finish high school and when to graduate from college.  As they progress in life, there’s the assumed age to get married, to buy a home, to have this much money in savings and that much stashed up in pension, not to mention having purchased a buriel plot. 

Studies of the human body set the mind to believing that physical and mental abilities are strongest when we’re young and slow down as we gracefully pass 40. By the time we’re 50 many of us are wondering how we missed the secular mark, and when we hit 60 we realize that we’re heading into old age and there is a lot we can no longer accomplish.

But this is the world’s summary of the average person’s life – it is not God’s plan for your life!

God tells us to raise a child in the way of the Lord and they’ll have His instruction in their hearts forever. He tells us to renew our minds constantly in the Word because the Word gives us life and instruction on how to live life abundantly. He teaches us from the beginning how to eat healthy and that we’re not to smoke cigarettes or take drugs, that we should exercise our mind and our body, and that we should avoid the sins of the world so that we can keep ourselves healthy, clean and presentable before God.

He teaches us the fruits of the spirit so that we can have His attributes and be all that we can be.

Nowhere in the Bible does God put limitations on our lives. He gives us warnings that if we do this we will inevitably reap the rewards of it, but He does not say that you will become old because you turned 60.

Life is what you want it to be. Follow God, heed to His instructions, love others with the same heartfelt compassion that He does, and above all else, never say “can’t”.

“Can’t” is admitting doubt and defeat, but the Lord tells us to have faith – faith in Him, faith that He can and faith that He will.  God says repeatedly throughout the Bible that He wants us to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the things He’s created for us and to be happy with each other. And when “things” get in the way and try to stop this from happening, we must rise up in faith and speak against them, talk to God about them and believe that He can and that He will do what He said He will do.

Our bodies may slow down as we age, but we should never accept the worldly plan for the steps along the way. We are as old – or as young – as we elect to be.  And if we read our Bible and praise God every day for His goodness and His mercies, and ask for His help and trust Him for the answer, we will live life to the fullest and enjoy what God has given us.

One of the people who carried the torch during the 2010 Olympics was 81-year old Barbara Ann Scott. She carried that torch high and went the short distance! Age had no limitations on what she could do – and it should have no limitations on you!

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” ….3 John 1:2

One thought on “Living by the book…

  1. Hi Ronnie.
    Thank you for the reminder that with God all things are possible. I think this happens when we realize we are not the general manager of our universe. Once we let go, amazing things happen.


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