Are you ashamed…

Many times Christians will know the truth, accept the truth and even love the truth, but they will not share the truth.

Perhaps it’s out of fear of being harrassed or ridiculed that they keep it hidden inside them. Perhaps they think that as long as they believe it, nothing else matters.  But what can be worse than knowing that you have the ability to help someone but refusing to share because of pride?

Jesus was a king! He was royalty, lived in Heaven and was known by all the angels and the demons who even recognized him while He was on earth. Yet, with all that status and perfection, He was not ashamed to become one of us. He was not ashamed to be degraded and beaten, spit on and crucified for us.  His love for us was far greater than His own pride of looking foolish.

Brad Clarke is a man who is not ashamed of the Gospel, and he has written a short article that is sure to touch your heart and remind you that being a Christian means sharing what Jesus has done for us!

Please read “The Tragedy of Shame” and be blessed.

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