Sex and Love: they are not the same thing

The best feeling in the world is knowing that we are loved and the worst feeling is being alone.

The world has really confused sex with love; they are the not the same thing. Yet, too often when people get lonely they turn to temporary relationships that not only don’t work out, but it leaves them in a worse state because now they are alone and rejected.

Love is not conditional. It does not have terms and rules, does not demand its own way and does not cost money or time. It’s given freely as a gift and nourishes the heart like a divine treasure.

Love is what Jesus gave us when He took our sins onto himself on the cross. Love is what Jesus had for us when He accepted the beatings, the torture and the shame. His love is the Father’s love and it’s the same today as it was on that dark day many years ago.  If Jesus will suffer the cross for you and die for you so you can have a good life, don’t you think He’ll be with you now in YOUR times of trials?

Watch this video and see how far love goes – see where Jesus’s love for you took Him.

 The Epitome of Love

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