Look for Something Good to Say…

One of the dependable facts of life is that it’s filled with challenges on a daily basis. Some are great and some are just enough to make us feel frustrated or humiliated.

So, we take a deep breath, thank God that He’s giving us the answer and then we keep our eyes focused ahead while we struggle through it.  But sometimes, it feels as if the walls are closing in and that we’re alone and all kinds of negative thoughts begin to flood our mind.  Suddenly, the issue at hand seems bigger, more difficult, perhaps even impossible to overcome. 

But then, someone will break the silence of torment and say something nice to us, something uplifting and positive and after a few minutes we begin to realize that as serious as our issue is, life is good.

We can see that light of hope shining up ahead and we’re encouraged to keep going.

A few kind words of encouragement, an uplifting comment, a positive attitude, a friendly smile – sometimes that’s all we need to be reminded that we are loved.  And love builds our confidence, gives us hope, makes us stronger and able to face our struggles.  As the song says, ‘Love is the answer’!

“Let the brother of low degre rejoice in that he is exalted.”……..James 1:9


2 thoughts on “Look for Something Good to Say…

  1. Ronnie,

    So very well written, and so very true.

    I have to click on your button “Join me in my prayerful stand against cancer”.

    The book I self-published, it’s on the home page of my web site http://www.many-colors-of-ink.com
    It’s for cancer patients mostly, but not limited to just cancer.

    You are such a wonderful writer……



    • Hi Ginny,
      Thank you for your uplifting comments. Can I make mention of your book on my site and perhaps direct readers to go to it?

      It’s great when we can all work together and believe together and support each other.


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