Rejoice always….

“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!”  …………Psalms 118:24

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we were hoping, and we pray fervently for someone to be healed and yet, they aren’t healed and God takes them home. It’s very painful and there’s so much hurt when we lose someone we love, but we must always remember that God is still in charge.

We will be with them again soon enough and stay with them forever. Meanwhile, our work here on earth is not done yet……so rejoice! God is with us to give us strength and peace to do what He has called us to do and then we will join our loved ones in a celebration of life!

3 thoughts on “Rejoice always….

  1. Ronnie,

    well said. There is resiliancy and resourcefulness in Christ’s love and His promise that He will be with us always regardless of the situation. Clearly, we are not immune from difficulties and often such hardships refine us in a good way. Nevertheless, in and through all circumstances, rich or poor, weak or strong, alone or in many, we can rise within with joy because our Lord is loving, intimate, and will work all together for the good.


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