Vengeance can feel so good….

It may feel good but it does nothing to solve the problem, nor does it witness to others a good Christian character.

The world today is very fast paced and it’s all about me and how I can prosper and my rights and privileges. It can be a very sad analogy of the truth behind some of our actions.

Putting aside for a second the fact that God said, “Vengeance is mine” – in other words, “leave it with me and I’ll get them for what they did to you” – vengeance doesn’t stop issues from happening again and it only provokes more issues and feeds the hatred and animosity that comes from them. 

Does this sound like a peaceable way to live? Is this how Jesus reacted?

Perhaps instead of revenge, a little wisdom and a good problem-solving strategy might be a better way to address the issues and actually help to get them resolved. The only things we want coming back at us are good things.  So, we should let God get even with those that hurt us, while we use our wisdom and remain peacemakers to get the victory over the things that come against us.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” …Matthew 5:9

4 thoughts on “Vengeance can feel so good….

  1. In AA they have a saying that alcohol is the poison we take to punish those who hurt us.
    I have learned that if I have any resentments that if I pray for the person that the resentmen will go away. I don’t need any resentments to bog me down


  2. Well said Ronnie! We need to trust in God’s sense of timing, justice and mercy. All of us have been given the short end of the stick at times, but the good Lord sees into the situation far better than we do. Thanks for this great blog.


  3. I prefer the “kill them with kindness” approach. My faith allows me to lay it at His feet. The person expecting the vengeance will punish himself waiting for my retaliation, when in fact, he is waiting on God’s actions. Given God’s patience, guess who usually wins the waiting game?!?


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