God is our refuge

Psalm 62:8 says, “God is a refuge for us.”

That means that He’s always there for us. He’s there for us to talk to, to tell our problems to and to pour our tears upon. He has big shoulders that never get too heavy for any of our burdens.

Sometimes we need someone there who will just listen with empathy and not judge us or condemn us for things we’ve done wrong.  Sometimes we need to get it all out to get released from our sorrows and from our anxieties. And these are the times that we need a friend who we can trust.

What we don’t need is to live in fear afterwards for revealing too much to a worldly friend or for exposing all of our actions to someone who might or might not judge us, or who might or might not tell others, or who might or might not give us proper counsel.

Jesus listens to it all, takes it all and carries it all for us. He directs us to His Bible where He gives instruction in wisdom to show us how to overcome our issues and get the victory.  Jesus is our refuge and our strength and the more we cast our burdens onto Him, the stronger WE become.

One thought on “God is our refuge

  1. Ronnie, there is great wisdom to fall upon the Lord’s strength. I think we all fail at times… we panic or we rely on our tactics and technigues to get through, but all in all the Lord asks we acknowlege Him in our undertakings, always. Part of that acknowledgement allows Him to speak to us, to instruct and comfort. He is our refuge and strength, even if we are faithless, He remains faithful for He cannot deny Himself. God is a Rock.


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