Real Peace

Real peace does not come from anything this world offers. It's good at giving temporal peace through drugs, alcohol, and physical enjoyment, but our burdens are still there when that peace wears off. Real peace comes ONLY from knowing Jesus as our Savior and Lord! He has overcome the world and has our lives, our … Continue reading Real Peace

Praise God in the Bad Times

It's easy for most Christians to praise God when things are going great, when the blessings are pouring in and everyone gets sick but "me". It's easy to say how great life is when we have a good job, a desirable home and an affordable new car. Most of us would agree that to "Praise the Lord" … Continue reading Praise God in the Bad Times

The Power of Love….

We often find ourselves praying for people who just don't seem to want to change. We pray with them, preach at them, support them emotionally and even financially, and give them every possible brochure available to help them see things the way they should........the way we believe they should.  And when time goes on and there's no evidence of change, … Continue reading The Power of Love….

God is our refuge

Psalm 62:8 says, "God is a refuge for us." That means that He's always there for us. He's there for us to talk to, to tell our problems to and to pour our tears upon. He has big shoulders that never get too heavy for any of our burdens. Sometimes we need someone there who will just … Continue reading God is our refuge