Religion – who needs it!

There are so many variations of religion that come in the guise of Christianity and many people are wondering if any of it is true or if the whole thing is just another demanding organization to keep people under control.

Sadly, religion is a man-made doctrine taken from Biblical principals that inputes control onto a submissive congregation.  There are so many do’s and don’ts, right and wrong ways of doing things, rules and expectations that it’s no wonder people are crying out for help. Is there a God? Who is He? Does He have favorites?

There is one sure way to learn the TRUTH about God and that is by reading the Bible. The Old Testament is the best history book in the world and is the foundation for all school subjects, and the New Testament is all about Jesus and the freedom that we have because of Him.

Pray before you read and let God’s Holy Spirit guide you. He is the only true teacher and His lessons are the same for everyone who wants to learn.

You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32.

2 thoughts on “Religion – who needs it!

  1. Ronnie, well said. The Spirit will tke the Scriptures to challenge, encourage, comfort and admonish the human mind and heart. The good Lord has given us so much freedom, but that freedom is not to be used selfishly or as a cover up for sin. We need to walk humbly, act graciously and with shrewd wisdom, show kindness and hospitality, and when necessary… stand and hold the line for what is true and noble in Him. Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder.


  2. Amen! I was blessed by my grandmother with a reference/study KJV Bible 30 years ago. It calls to me and when I idly turn the pages, my eye catches on what I should be reading. I get lost in it by chasing the concordance to other related Scriptures. Great reminder and perfect verse!


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