The joy of the Lord is my strength…

How does “joy” help me pay the bills or overcome an illness or be positive when life’s falling apart?

Joy is an attitude of the heart that controls the mind and our actions and reactions. This sounds like a mind game and not a realistic approach to life’s challenges, but it’s real and it works.

Joy is a peace inside that says no matter what is coming against me, I can overcome it and get the victory over it. It’s me trusting God for the answer and it’s a calmness that lets me see beyond the issues at hand and focus on a bigger truth – that God is in charge and He’s going to help me get through.

Life often seems like one big set of trials and hurts, and if we carry the burdens alone we will live in defeat and never know what real freedom is. But when we cast all our cares upon God and trust Him, we realize that He gives us the victory over them. We begin to feel the peace inside our hearts and a joy that says no one and nothing can defeat me because my trust is in God and through Him, I have the victory.

And so we can smile in spite of the trials that come against us because we know that God loves us!

2 thoughts on “The joy of the Lord is my strength…

  1. Ronnie,

    A great post on joy, and so true!

    I pray God’s blessings on your site, that many will find peace, joy, and faith in Him in your words.


    PS – I found you through discussion on Linked In.

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