How often do we have to forgive someone who hurts us?

Jesus says in Matthew 18:22, “seventy times seven”. This means that when a person does something to offend us and then apologizes, we must accept it and forgive them, even if they do it over and over without really caring.

Why? Because God forgives them each time and since God lives in us as His way of revealing Himself to the world,  we must forgive them, also. It means that we don’t hold a grudge against them or gossip about them. We may not trust them or be able to depend on them, but we don’t mistreat them.  In fact, we’d do the opposite and pray for them because God tells us to pray for our enemies.

If we don’t fogive them, it might not mean anything to them but our hearts will become blackened with unforgiveness – and the cross is about forgiveness. We don’t forgive them for their sakes but we forgive them for our own sakes, to keep our hearts pure before God.  And so for that reason, it doesn’t matter how many times we forgive them, just as long as we forgive them.

Then, when people see us they will know that our smile means, God loves you.

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