We reap what we sow – true or false?

The Bible talks about sowing and reaping, and Galatians 6 says, “we shall reap what we have sowed”.

Some of us have given to charities or relief funds and yet, we feel as if we’ve not been blessed in return.  If God’s Word never fails, then how is this possible?

There are several reasons why we may not see the blessing of reaping what we have sown.

-One is that we are focused on receiving as much as on giving and we need to learn to give with a cheerful heart without expecting something in return.  

-Two is that the return blessing or reaping doesn’t always come in the same way that we gave it, but may come in a way we don’t expect such as God sparing us from a car accident or from some disease.

-Three is that it may not come at a time when we’re looking for it, but when God feels it’s best to give it to us.  That is why He says in verse  9 that we shouldn’t give up because in due season we WILL reap.

It may take a while to realize it, but we do reap what we sow.  

So smile, because God loves you!

2 thoughts on “We reap what we sow – true or false?

  1. Ronnie, the farmers’ rule remains true: you repeat what you sow, but you do not necessarily reap the same season you sow. Christians need to understand that when God made the world, that He started with Wisdom (check out the early chapters of Proverbs). God has instituted ubiquitous laws that cannot be violated by anyone, including Christians. That is why, a secular person would be wise if they followed the universal principles of business and could prosper… the laws God instituted are in play. In business, I have discovered many Christians who actually think they can circumvent business tenets… established by God. So they run up a credit card for good cause, but they think… ah, God will bless me and make it up. Well, yes, God blesses people all the time, but that attitude is a recipe for disaster in my book. How many times has someone been rescued by another Christian financially because the first one spent themselves into foolish oblivion and found themselves in bondage later on. Again, God is not cruel, and there is plently of grace, but there is a place for wisdom and to know… we do reap what we sow.


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