Finding Hope in Today’s World

Christians shouldn't fear what's going on in this chaotic world because God has not only told us these things will happen BUT He's provided a way for us to stay safe. We won't find this security in the world or religious doctrines because our hope is in Christ alone! And the only way to get … Continue reading Finding Hope in Today’s World

Fear of the Lord!

Every day we hear more horror stories of what's going on in this world, of the persecution of Christians, civil unrest, and political wars. However, as Christians, we should not be afraid of this world or what's happening in it, but our fear should be in the Lord who is getting ready to pour out … Continue reading Fear of the Lord!

God’s Law is Perfect

It's very sad that people of the world will only turn to God when things go wrong in their lives so they can blame Him. They refuse to acknowledge or reverence God and think they have the right to change His laws to suit their own desires. Then, when chaos breaks out, they get stressed. … Continue reading God’s Law is Perfect

Never Give Up!

Many of the challenges we face in life today would shock our ancestors. While this world offers technology and conveniences that our grandparents could only dream of, it also puts us into situations that would have terrified them. As Believers in Jesus, however, we must keep following Him and winning souls for His Kingdom and … Continue reading Never Give Up!

When All Else Fails, Trust God

    As intelligent and civilized people, we all feel at one time or another that we can handle most of the situations that come against us. We believe that we have the skills and abilities to attack the problems head on, but sometimes our problems are beyond us. And it’s often at that point … Continue reading When All Else Fails, Trust God

Give Faith a Chance

Wisdom tells us that good things come to those who wait and that time heals all wounds, so in the same light we need to ‘give faith a chance’. But we live in a fast paced world where modern conveniences and new technology have enabled us to have “instant access” to most things in life. … Continue reading Give Faith a Chance

Need a word to the wise?

Just as we think that everything in our life is going well, we turn around and smack into a block wall that threatens our peace and sanity. Whether it's an unexpected bill, an illness or an overwhelming time-framed project, there always seems to be something that needs our immediate attention. And sometimes several of these obstacles … Continue reading Need a word to the wise?