Need a word to the wise?

Just as we think that everything in our life is going well, we turn around and smack into a block wall that threatens our peace and sanity.

Whether it’s an unexpected bill, an illness or an overwhelming time-framed project, there always seems to be something that needs our immediate attention. And sometimes several of these obstacles hit at the same time and it boggles the mind as to how we’re going to get the victory.

We can examine the situations and in some cases the answers are simple and attainable, but sometimes the pressure is on the rise as we struggle to figure things out and in a panic we make the wrong decision.

How can we be victorious Christians when the pressures are forcing us to make mistakes?

Since we have the mind of Christ, some issues can be solved easily enough, but for those situations that stump u, we should stop in our tracks and not make a move until we get the wisdom of God. The Bible tells us to seek after wisdom, ask God for the wisdom – His wisdom – to find the answer. The world’s way may seem proper to the world but when we consider that way and it becomes a battle in our heart, then we know that it’s NOT God’s way and it’s time to ask Him what His way is.

The answer may be immediate or may take longer than we thought necessary, but that’s because it’s taking us time to see passed the problem and into God’s realm for the answer. And His way may be very different from what we had ever thought.

When God gives us the wisdom, we become one step closer to knowing Him. So in essence, problems coming at us may seem like a defeated life at first, but they’re really a necessary part of life so we can seek after God and develop a relationship with Him. After all, if we didn’t have problems that we couldn’t solve, we’d never ask for God’s help, we’d never know of His wisdom, and we’d never really know Him. 

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, and it shall be given to him.” …James 1:5

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