Rejoice Always!

As Christians living in this sinful world, we'll have troubles just as Jesus warned us. Yet, we can still rejoice despite our problems because we know that Jesus will bring us through them all. And when we focus on what God has prepared for us—an eternity in a perfect world with Him—we rejoice all the … Continue reading Rejoice Always!

You Made My Day!

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me good wishes and words of encouragement on my birthday. They blessed me and added joy to my celebration! You made my day awesome! Thank you!! If you’re not following this blog yet, please click the BLUE follow button or ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the space on the … Continue reading You Made My Day!

The Perfect Easter Gift

The perfect Easter gift: This book is a collection of individual testimonies as I imagined they would be by some of the people who were with Jesus when He died. Each one is based totally on Scripture with a bit of my imagination added to put it in storybook format. I hope you will get … Continue reading The Perfect Easter Gift

One Glorious Night!

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Three years ago I wrote a book called, One Glorious Night! Of all the books I've had the privilege to write, this one brings me to tears because it's all about the night our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus was born. It's filled with individual stories of the people who participated … Continue reading One Glorious Night!

Things are Changing!

Did you ever notice that life’s motivations go in waves? Nothing is stable. Everything is changing. The fashion industry, TV shows, hit songs, movie themes and even food is forever changing. But most noticeable is our social world where things that were once forbidden are now the norm, what we once called evil is now … Continue reading Things are Changing!

Wine or Vinegar?

God’s love is displayed in everything He does. Sometimes He has to discipline us, and sometimes He has to allow things to happen to get our attention, but He does them because He loves us. And we need to show people that God loves them, not by criticizing and finding faults with others, but by … Continue reading Wine or Vinegar?

In His Presence

In this era of new age “Christianity” and false doctrines, many Christians don’t know that their soul craves to be with God. He created our soul and put it into a body. This is why people are always looking for some spiritual connection in life—they are searching for God and don’t even know it. But those … Continue reading In His Presence

One Glorious Night

We are coming into the Christmas season, and many of us are already in the Christmas Spirit. We’ve started shopping for gifts, and we’ve replaced our home atmosphere from autumn to the holiday décor. While the world has its own reasons for celebrating Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus that happened on that One … Continue reading One Glorious Night

Why Won’t God’s Promises Work For Me?

Many of us Christians will come to the Bible and pick out scriptures that we can use as a means to win the battles in our lives - and this can be a good thing. Many of us will quote the scriptures and declare their power - and yet we are defeated. We have done … Continue reading Why Won’t God’s Promises Work For Me?