What is Truth?

What is Truth? Before His crucifixion, Jesus was asked this question by Pontius Pilate. As Christians, we must beware of those who preach a false Truth. Jesus is the ONLY Truth, and we can only know Him when we study the Scriptures prayerfully and let God's Spirit teach us. When our hearts are focused on … Continue reading What is Truth?

Sow Mercy

People aren't as joyful or positive as they used to be. Many have suffered from the pandemic; others are angry because of its restrictions. The global economy is collapsing and skyrocketing food, necessities, and gas prices. Failing global governments and wars are putting fear in people. We can't change any of it, but as God's … Continue reading Sow Mercy

The Anguish of Disability

Many people suffer from disabilities and some don't realize that their hidden anguish keeps them in a state of resentment. They take great offense to remarks or suggestions given to them as they try to cover the pain and embarrassment of needing help. They don't see someone offering their hand as a deed of kindness, but as … Continue reading The Anguish of Disability

Being Blessed is Everything!

Too often Christians act or react badly in certain situations and display the same contempt toward others as many non-Christians. This is because they don’t know the scriptures and have no direct knowledge about how to deal with many of the situations they face. Yet, Jesus was very specific in His teaching and we can get … Continue reading Being Blessed is Everything!