Arguing Bible Principles

The new Christian faith comprises many diverse interpretations of Scripture. However, there's only one way to be a Christian—follow Jesus, study the Scriptures, and let God's Spirit interpret His Truth. Sadly, many real Christians argue Bible principles with those deceived to get them to change, creating contention and pushing them further into deception. As God's … Continue reading Arguing Bible Principles

Opinion or Truth

Today, the benchmark of "truth" is being replaced by personal opinion. Many aggressively defend their right to choose their own truth, and some Christians get caught in the hype and argue with them. But God never told us to argue with a fool: He told us to PEACEFULLY preach the gospel. His Truth is precious, … Continue reading Opinion or Truth

Sow Mercy

People aren't as joyful or positive as they used to be. Many have suffered from the pandemic; others are angry because of its restrictions. The global economy is collapsing and skyrocketing food, necessities, and gas prices. Failing global governments and wars are putting fear in people. We can't change any of it, but as God's … Continue reading Sow Mercy

What God said About Peace

Jesus gave us His peace (John 14:27) and told us that as God's children, we are to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). In 1 Corinthians 11:16, Paul reiterated this when he said there's no place for contention among Christians. When we fill up on God's Word, our lives become walking testimonies of His love, grace, and … Continue reading What God said About Peace

When Conflicts Separate Us

When walls are built up inside families or between the brethren, it separates the members and causes anger and hostility to grow. Peace is stolen and love is quenched, and all because of a conflict that has pre-eminence over our love and obedience to God. So much is lost when we allow conflicts to separate us. Many children grow up … Continue reading When Conflicts Separate Us

God says “Keep the Peace”

This world is corrupt with sin and sickness and it's bringing fear upon people everywhere. The Ten Commandments are being replaced with "rights" and with "privilege" to those with money and power, making God's law of no effect. The time we're living in is bringing sorrows and hardships and now more than ever before, we need to obey God and keep the peace. … Continue reading God says “Keep the Peace”

Vengeance can feel so good….

It may feel good but it does nothing to solve the problem, nor does it witness to others a good Christian character. The world today is very fast paced and it's all about me and how I can prosper and my rights and privileges. It can be a very sad analogy of the truth behind … Continue reading Vengeance can feel so good….