Opinion or Truth

Today, the benchmark of “truth” is being replaced by personal opinion. Many aggressively defend their right to choose their own truth, and some Christians get caught in the hype and argue with them. But God never told us to argue with a fool: He told us to PEACEFULLY preach the gospel. His Truth is precious, and He wants us to share it with others, but if they insist on arguing, we’re to leave and then pray for them. Our peaceful testimony will impact them more when they can’t draw us into an argument we can’t win.

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2 thoughts on “Opinion or Truth

  1. How I needed to hear this because there is someone I deeply care about that is deep into Astrology. And is currently mistaken. I have sent her scripture and spoken to her about it, but she continues with her classes. Soon I will have to part and it breaks my heart. Ill pray for her.

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  2. Praise God, I’m so glad that you were blessed by God’s message. I will be praying for your friend, as well, and asking God to send other laborers across her path. Often, they won’t receive the message from us, but they will from someone else, even a total stranger. Let’s keep praying and keep believing for her salvation. (And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive….Matthew 21:22)

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