Peace in Affliction

It's easy to get discouraged and give up when afflictions come. But as Christians, we have hope because Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and when we study the Bible to know Him and His promises, His Word fills us with life that we can't explain. Sometimes, God heals us—and sometimes, healing doesn't come. But … Continue reading Peace in Affliction

Learning to Trust

When the little girl realized she was lost, she stopped walking and stood still. Her hope and trust were in her father, who'd promised that if she got lost, He would find her. Soon, she saw him coming with a smile on his face and outstretched arms. As Christians, we shouldn't submit to the world … Continue reading Learning to Trust

God is our Only Hope

We often put our trust in people and accept their professional prognosis as the only answer to our issues. As believers in Christ, though, we need to trust God more and people less. God’s Word is true and He has proved His faithfulness to those who love Him and trust Him. It’s time to put … Continue reading God is our Only Hope