God is our Only Hope

God is our hope (2)We often put our trust in people and accept their professional prognosis as the only answer to our issues. As believers in Christ, though, we need to trust God more and people less. God’s Word is true and He has proved His faithfulness to those who love Him and trust Him. It’s time to put our faith to work and trust God because He is our only hope!

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We know that Jesus took our sins upon Himself at the cross and that He covered us with His righteousness through His death and resurrection. Yet, many of us never know all that Jesus really accomplished on the cross. Not only did He conquer sin and death by becoming the atonement for our sin and cleansing us so that we are forgiven and renewed in His Spirit, but all that was connected to sin has also been removed.

In the Garden of Eden, there was no physical or mental sickness and no stress or anxiety because there was no sin to separate Adam and Eve from God. They were pure and whole, and life was perfect just as God had created it. It wasn’t until they sinned against God, causing Him to withdraw His Spirit, that they started to feel the consequences of sin in their minds and bodies, actions that eventually led them to die. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be for them or for us.

We will never achieve perfection here on earth because it is corrupt with sin, and our bodies have been exposed to sin. But there is a time coming when even our bodies will be redeemed just as our souls have been redeemed. Until then, however, we need our bodies to be as healthy and whole as possible because we are God’s Holy temple on this earth, and therefore, God wants us to give our bodies daily to Him.

  • I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.—1 Cor. 9:27

Unfortunately, after some people have received Jesus as their Savior, they remain burdened with issues that they cannot fix on their own. Believers need to learn that Jesus can fix them all and that they need to learn to trust Him with them. We need to let go of our problems and look to Jesus for healing, but this only happens when we have the faith to believe!

When we listen to someone tell us about faith, it is a witness of God’s goodness towards us, and it inspires and encourages us to want this faith. But faith comes when we study the Scriptures prayerfully and learn about God and His truth. The words become life to our soul, and this life connects us to God, one word at a time. Each word is a brick on our pillar of faith. So we read and pray and learn and are drawn closer to God with each one.

Faith comes


As we grow and get stronger in our faith, we can look at ourselves and with an honest heart, give our issues to Him and trust Him to heal us from each one. Many of us suffer from depression, guilt, loneliness, sickness, unforgiveness, and even fear. These don’t belong to believers; they belong to the world. So we need to give them to God and get the freedom that He has so graciously given to us through Jesus.

  • You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.—John 8:32

Sometimes, we’ll need to read the same Scriptures over and over regarding specific issues so that we can get that truth into our hearts and build our faith in God.  This is why we learned to memorize Bible verses in Sunday school, but not everyone has had the privilege of going to Sunday school.  It can be a challenge for new believers to find the Scriptures to overcome their lack of faith so they can trust God to help them with their issues. Some will try on their own to search the Scriptures, but won’t find all that they need; others will depend on the counsel of fellow believers.

Jesus Saves front coverI wrote a devotional book, Jesus Saves, that I believe God inspired me to write. I want to encourage believers to read their Bibles and learn what God has done and will do when they put their trust in Him. It focuses on the basic common issues that plague many believers, especially new believers who carry their burdens with them when they come to Christ. Jesus has not only saved you from your sins but will deliver you from your burdens and give you the victory through them when you put your trust in Him. (Keep reading to get your free copy.)

Actions speak louder than words! We become a powerful witness of the love and mercy that God gives to those who know Him and trust Him. When we put our faith to work, things change! God’s glory shines through us and we can share the gospel with confidence because we are proof that God’s Word is true, and that He alone is our only hope for this world!

We wait


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