Happy Wednesday!

Many people are afflicted with this virus, and as we hide away in isolation to quench it, let’s also remember that God is our Healer! Jesus tells us to cast our burdens onto Him. Isaiah tells us that by His stripes we were healed. Apostle John tells us that God is greater than the god of this world. Our focus and our trust and our hope are in God because He loves us and His promises to us are real. So don’t get discouraged, and don’t lose hope. Keep your faith in Him because He loves you and He is faithful. God is good.

They that wait3

If this message blessed you, please pass it on so we can work together and remind people that God is greater than the Coronavirus, and that He still heals those who trust Him. And if you haven’t subscribed already, please join us now and receive each new inspirational message right into your personal inbox.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay healthy and stay tuned in with God…ronnie

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