Arguing Bible Principles

The new Christian faith comprises many diverse interpretations of Scripture. However, there's only one way to be a Christian—follow Jesus, study the Scriptures, and let God's Spirit interpret His Truth. Sadly, many real Christians argue Bible principles with those deceived to get them to change, creating contention and pushing them further into deception. As God's … Continue reading Arguing Bible Principles

Opinion or Truth

Today, the benchmark of "truth" is being replaced by personal opinion. Many aggressively defend their right to choose their own truth, and some Christians get caught in the hype and argue with them. But God never told us to argue with a fool: He told us to PEACEFULLY preach the gospel. His Truth is precious, … Continue reading Opinion or Truth

Opinions and Values

The values and benchmarks in our world are changing. Personal opinion and biased rights are replacing security and peace, and this new way of life is breeding hostility and aggression. It can be easy for Christians to get caught up in the hype when someone's opinion and actions challenge our beliefs. But when we stay … Continue reading Opinions and Values