Who He Says He Is!

One of the joys of being a Christian is knowing that our Heavenly Father watches over us continually and desires to have fellowship with us. We can come to Him in prayer at any time, any place, and for any reason, and He gives us His full attention. God hears and answers our prayers and never turns us away. This is why we study the Bible, to know Him and learn who we are in Christ and His will for us. Then, we can rejoice and sing out our praises because we know that God IS who He says He is, Almighty, full of love and mercy, and faithful to His promises.

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a joyful day! … ronnie

2 thoughts on “Who He Says He Is!

  1. Good morning!!

    My name Richard from South Africa.

    I would like to appriciate the work that you (Ronnie) is doing. Everyday you provide us with wonderful and healing message.

    I just want to comment on the THEME FONT of the verses you qoute. The THEME FONT is sometimes difficult to read. I propose that you just make as simple as TIMES NEW ROMANS or ARIAL.

    Thanks very much

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    • Hi Richard. I appreciate your concern and I will do my best to follow your suggestion. My greatest joy is to share the gospel message and help other Christians, and I really am thankful that you have found an area in my work that could be improved to help others. Thanks again and have a blessed day! … ronnie


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