Identity Crisis

identity crisis 4

It seems, at times, that the hardest thing for some believers to admit in this world is that they are Christians. We tend to label ourselves by our career or our social status, just as we label others by their skin color, culture, or profession. Too often, we eliminate our “Christian” identity on our social pages or even in the introduction of ourselves because we either lack the boldness to say so, or we are really confused as to who we are. The truth is that many of us have an identity crisis!

The system of this world wants to put every one of us into its descriptive grouping. The sad part of this is that many people don’t rise above their label. Some give up and become what they are called, and yet, others fight for the right to be recognized. The LGTB community has taken a bold stand against the Bible and against the ethics of society and demanded to be recognized as an equal gender of people. Society has accepted their stance and now they are not only growing in number but in power all across the globe. They are proud to spread their message and bold to claim their identity.

Sadly, many Christians won’t take that same bold stand for fear of being labeled and/or persecuted. The LGTB people are striking out against God’s laws and integrity and are flooding every social media to strengthen their power and enforce their message. As a result, governments are listening and making changes in the laws to accommodate them. If only Christians could have that same enthusiasm about Christ!

I can do all things1Many of us hide our faith behind our socially-accepted face because we don’t have the strength to stand up for what we believe. We are afraid, and because we suppress the truth, we let the world petition its ways and watch as the people in it get stronger and take their stand against God!


We have an identity crisis and it must end! We are God’s children, saved by the blood of Jesus and filled with His Holy Spirit. We can pray and ask God to strengthen us through His Spirit. We have a job and that is to proclaim the gospel of Christ and try to get people to come out of the world of sin and into God’s Kingdom. We don’t have a lot of time left to do this. Jesus is getting ready to call His saints Home and once we’re gone, the people of this world will be left to their own delusions and few will find Christ after that.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:33 that if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before our Father. There will be nothing as horrific as thinking we’re going to Heaven and then getting refused at the Golden Gate because we weren’t saved. Yet, many of us have loved ones who won’t get in because we didn’t have the courage to stand up and tell them the truth about things they are doing. And what’s equally devastating is that many of us won’t proclaim who we are to bring God’s light into this dark world. We deny our own testimony, and it’s our testimony that can bring many to Christ. We may get mocked or persecuted, but people are watching us, and our life and our words and our actions speak loud to the lost people of this world. It makes them think!

confess before men (2)We cannot deny who we are. We need to stand up, speak out, and be a witness of God’s love, power, grace, and forgiveness. We are first and foremost a child of God. We are saved! We are a believer! We are a follower of Jesus! We are proud to be called a Christian!

I am a Christian author. I am a Christian wife, a Christian mother. I am a Christian Facebook blogger. I AM a Christian first and everything else comes after that. Who are you?

There is a movie that is circling the globe and it is God-inspired and Christ-based. The film is called Overcomer and it’s written, produced, and directed by the Hendrick Brothers, Godly men whose mission is to spread the gospel of Christ while there is still time. This movie is more than just entertainment; it’s a work of inspiration that packs a powerful message! It promotes the concept that you are more than your earthly title; you ARE a child of God, and Jesus IS your Lord and Savior.

Let’s stop hiding behind the worldly façade of personality, and identify ourselves in truth. Let’s go to our social media sites and under our name let’s state that we are a Christian! That we ARE a follower of Christ! Let’s not allow ourselves to be drawn into the devil’s clutches of identity. We are God’s children, saved by the blood of Jesus, so let’s take our stand proudly and break that identity crisis!


*If this message has blessed you, please share it and let’s work together and get our brothers and sisters in Christ to stand up and declare boldly who they are! There is power in numbers, so let’s join hands and spread the good news of Christ while there is still time. Jesus is coming soon for those who are bold enough to admit it and look for His coming. This is no time to have an identity crisis!

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