Full of Grace and Mercy

God is Holy, full of mercy and grace. But people are separated from Him because of sin, and although God sees and hears everything, He doesn't answer our prayers when we serve the god of this world. But when we turn from this world, surrender to Jesus, and accept Him as our Savior, our sins … Continue reading Full of Grace and Mercy

Who are You?

Many "Christians" appear to have different personalities and even different standards of living at various times, depending on what day of the week it is or what company they are with. But should we, who call ourselves Christians, change who we are to fit in with other people or situations and just assume that it's okay? … Continue reading Who are You?

Identity Crisis

It seems, at times, that the hardest thing for some believers to admit in this world is that they are Christians. We tend to label ourselves by our career or our social status, just as we label others by their skin color, culture, or profession. Too often, we eliminate our “Christian” identity on our social … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Who are the Children of God?

There's an attitude spreading across the globe today that wants us to put our differences aside and live as one big multi-cultural family under God. It says that regardless of what we call Him, we are all God's children. Well, God does love everyone, but we are not all His children. We ARE all related biologically, but, we are … Continue reading Who are the Children of God?