When Faith and Friends Matter…

Friends can be very different and yet can be close at heart.  They can enjoy a variety of interests, work in unrelated careers, come from diverse backgrounds and aim for opposite goals. Yet, there’s a bond; a spiritual connection that gives life between them.

It stems from the heart and reaches out far beyond the confinements of this world. It’s a familiar trust and faith deep in the soul that links them to one common element – and that is love.

When friends are facing crucial battles in their life, they depend on each other to get through them and to gain the victory over them in spite of their differences.  They pour out their positive energies and agree for a particular victory and they stand together, sound in their defence and strong in their fight.

When we take a stand to believe for healing in our bodies in spite of what the doctor’s report says, we need to be surrounded by others who will also take the stand and believe for the healing with us. We do not want to be influenced by those with negative thoughts or by those who walk by sight and not by faith.

Physical positive and negative energies do not mix, and neither do spiritual energies. Faith and doubt are opposites. When faith rules, the Spirit of God moves and victories happen, but when doubt is present the Spirit of God is hindered and the impact of the solid positive energy is destroyed – defeat sets in.

When Jesus was praying for the ruler’s daughter he sent everyone out of the room except for a few select people. Why? Because He and these people shared the belief that He could heal her, whereas the others did not believe it. The room was filled with faith and not doubt, and the Spirit of God through Jesus healed the girl. (Luke 8:49-56)

If you are facing a crisis in your life where you need healing, you have to surround yourself with believers, with people who know God and who believe that you will be healed. These people will help build up your faith so you can receive the healing.  Remember, God gave YOU control over your body, and your body is subject to what YOU say and believe. (1 Cor.9:27)

You may still face surgery but instead of it being the beginning of sorrows it can be the victory that sets you free because you and those around you are trusting God for your healing, and you will regain your full health and life.

The medical world is based on physical facts and its prognosis for your future may be very bleak. BUT when you have faith in God and in God’s Word, and you accept that the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead lives in YOU, and you surround yourself with other like-minded believers, then your faith will become strong and your positive energies will take over and you will be able to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s Spirit will also heal you.  

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” ….Matthew 18:20

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