Why Our Faith Doesn’t Work

We often hear Christians say, "Have faith." But faith in who? In what? Many brag about their faith, quote selected Scriptures, and repeat the same prayer—but nothing happens. Initially, God gave us the faith to believe that He is God and to realize that we are sinners and need to accept Jesus as our Savior, … Continue reading Why Our Faith Doesn’t Work

Don’t Give Up!

It's really comforting to know that when God gives us a promise, He is faithful to fulfill His word, and if He has given us a condition to the promise, He is not bias and does not favor one person over another. When we pray according to His will, God does fulfill His word to … Continue reading Don’t Give Up!

Healing Comes to Those Who Believe

There are times in our lives when everything goes smoothly, with the exception of minor trials that test our abilities, but for the most part we are able to stay on track and press toward our goals. But then out of the blue, some of us are attacked with an unexpected conflict that changes everything … Continue reading Healing Comes to Those Who Believe

What is faith…….really?

Most Christians know the scripture at Hebrews 11:1 that says “faith is the substance of things hoped for”. We know it’s the energy or the confidence to believe God for something… but what is faith really? Jesus talks a lot about faith and He tells us what we can accomplish with it and the fact that … Continue reading What is faith…….really?

It’s Time to Put Faith to Work

It's time to put our faith to work! I'm asking everyone to please join me in a stand of faith for a young woman who is in the hospital fighting with cancer for her life. Her name is Fawn and she and her husband love the Lord but the enemy has attacked her with this aggressive … Continue reading It’s Time to Put Faith to Work

When Faith and Friends Matter…

Friends can be very different and yet can be close at heart.  They can enjoy a variety of interests, work in unrelated careers, come from diverse backgrounds and aim for opposite goals. Yet, there's a bond; a spiritual connection that gives life between them. It stems from the heart and reaches out far beyond the confinements of … Continue reading When Faith and Friends Matter…