What makes New Years so great?

The hype of the new year always brings about two distinct emotions – excitement for the hope of good things to come and depression over the thought of heading into another year of disappointment.

There’s nothing magical about ringing in a new year. Yet, the prelude of music, special events and exciting parties gives the impression that the last second of the year will end all our sorrows and the next second will begin the hope of good things to come.

It’s good to hope for better things. It’s only right to trust God that tomorrow will begin with great hope and inspiration for us. But we have a lot to do with what the new year will bring. It’s not all magic.

Setting goals for ourselves and being committed to those goals will help to bring good things to pass. Without goals, we have no direction, and without direction we have no plan and no purpose.  And without a purpose, what is life?

Where do we begin?

We begin with learning who God is by reading the Bible. Many people are surprised to learn that God is not a harsh and bias god who demands us to pay homage to him around the clock. God is the epitome of love, and worshipping Him is a gratitude of our hearts because we know that He wants us to “prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper”.  He created people so that we could inhabit the earth and live – and the key is “to live”.

Some of us have a calling on our hearts to perform specific assignments in God’s ministry, and even though God may have called us to do them, we will only be successful when we are committed to doing them, and that includes setting our goals along the way.

In some cases God does perform miracles and it’s marvelous in our eyes, but in most cases He wants His will done through us, through our commitment and our perserverence….aka New Year’s Resolutions.

Setting goals, being committed to those goals and trusting in God to help us and prepare the way for us gives us the hope that we can do what we’ve set out to do!  And we can look back at the end of the year with pride because we were commited to God and commited to ourselves in fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions!

“Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.”  …Psalms 37:5

3 thoughts on “What makes New Years so great?

  1. Hi Ronnie. Nice article. I think it’s important for anyone, especially someone new to Christ, to know that everything is within our reach. We pass off a calling or a ministry as something beyond us, for someone else… God can’t possbily assign me a goal! Don’t underestimate yourself. Approach what is on your mind in bite sized chunks, even tiny crumbs…you will be surprised at the results. We are all here to make an impact.


  2. Thanks for your comments. You have an excellent understanding of how to test the waters to see if it’s God’s will or a passing thought, and what better way to know the difference than to take the step out.


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