Suffer the little children


Children are very precious and can light up a room with their smile and bring joy to the lowliest of hearts, but they can also be easily hurt and scarred.

Often in our busy lives we push them away because we are doing something and we don’t want to be disturbed. Maybe we’re finishing a project, or watching the last few minutes of a television show or talking on the phone. We tell them, “In just a minute,” or “Later,” or “I’m really busy right now.”

As parents we work hard providing a home,  clothing and food for them, and we think they should just understand that we love them. But they don’t. They have no concept of what it takes to pay for a mortgage or buy food or clothes. To them, it just happens. And many children don’t care whether they live in a mansion or a shack – just as long as they are with us.

Sometimes we never really find out what was bothering them when we pushed them away or why they needed our attention just then. Sometimes all they need is a hug and the reassurance that we love them. 

It’s not a lot but on the other hand, it’s everything!

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