How much does God love us?

When we share with others or give financial gifts to charities, we should do it with no strings attached – no grudges, no ambiguity and no expectations in return.  We should give because we want to share what we have with those who don’t have it because that is what God has done for us.

Sometimes we get caught up with our own lives and giving becomes an obligation instead of a heartfelt joy. It’s human instinct to want to help one another or give to relief funds when disaster strikes, and so God doesn’t NEED your offering to fulfill His will. He can raise up thousands of givers across the globe to financially support any cause or any people.

But there is a blessing that comes with giving because when we share with others, we understand a little more each time just how much God loves us. He knows what it means to give. After all, He gave His life for us and what greater gift is there than that? What greater sacrifice can any of us offer that would come close to the gift that God gave to us without a grudge, with no strings attached and solely because He wanted us to have life!

How much does God love us? With arms opened wide!

3 thoughts on “How much does God love us?

    • My original message was about the ‘cheerful giver’ but it gradually became one on God’s love for us. I’m glad for His grace and I live every day in His love. Next week I will post my message on the cheerful giver and perhaps use your Greek interpretations, if you don’t mind. Praise God!

  1. Nice writing, Ronnie. Well, how could it not be given the topic?!

    Each day, I hope I am building the foundation for my children to learn how to be generous with the love within them. I think we’re so pushed around in this world that sometimes we forget we have the love within us to give to others. I work to reveal that in my family…most days!

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