Supporting Faith

Supporting faith is more than just an agreement of words; it means actually standing with someone in spirit and in body, and  being an encouragement to keep them strong and to keep them standing.

When we come to the crossroads and decide that we’re going to trust in God to heal us or deliver us from some situation, it often means taking a stand that’s contrary to the world’s way of doing things. It means declaring that we will not follow the worldly system and that we are choosing to follow God’s way.

But the world is all around us and its ways have been the predominant ways for so long that anything to the contrary is looked down on and expected to fail. When it comes to health issues, we have medical doctors who trust in their own worldly educated ways of healing – drugs, pills, anti-biotics and more drugs. These medical remedies are supported by the FDA and the Physicians College as being the only answer, and few people would refuse them.

So, when we decide to abandon the world’s medical prognosis and choose to follow God’s plan for good health, we seem to have the whole world come against us saying that we won’t make it. And this is when we need others to stand in supporting faith right along with us. We need them to pick us up when we fall down, to encourage us when we get discouraged and to strengthen us when we get weak.

Maybe it isn’t us who’s ill; maybe it’s a friend or family member who is standing in faith. God says that we should pray for each other and that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16)

Sometimes the one who’s standing and believing is under such attack as to cause them to weaken, that they need the supporting faith of others to watch and pray for them so that they don’t fall into temptation. (Matt 26:41)

As believers and children of God, we need to be supporting faith for those who have the determination to do it God’s way. The testimony of their faith alone should be enough to show all of us that when we choose to do it God’s way we will have the victory, even if that victory comes with the help of others who are standing with supporting faith.

“Confess your faults (sickness) one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed.”…James 5:16

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5 thoughts on “Supporting Faith

  1. A lot of my healing has come through doctors, but we must be careful to not let their diagnosis fill us with fear and trepidation. I’ve had severe health problems for 40 years and without going into detail, would like to praise the Lord for delivering me from pain – at last. My muscles are in atrophy and it will be a long fight back to good health but my heart is encouraged. Thanks for the great blog.


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    this is such a wonderfully encouraging post and so true… it is crucially important that we are enabled in our faith walk by ourselves and the people close to us. I recently wrote an article on ‘what is a spiritual friend?’ over @ Shalom Candles because God has really blessed me through people I have met here online and in the ‘real’ world. We all need a good spieitual friend that will help and support us to live according to faith and the Word of God, and we should also try to do the same for others.

    A lovely post, Thank you.


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