What is Your Heart’s Desire?

What is your heart's desire—your career, material possessions, social status? As Christians, it's knowing God and doing His will. He may still give us all these things, but our focus is getting His salvation message out to the lost. We love the Lord and praise Him for being our Savior, and He hears and answers … Continue reading What is Your Heart’s Desire?

God Gives us Our Desires

When we study the Scriptures and develop a relationship with our Lord, we realize that our desires are no longer carnal or material; they are His will in us. We may have initially come to Jesus hoping to receive all the material blessings that we once cherished, but as we grow, those desires change so … Continue reading God Gives us Our Desires

Desires of the Heart

We all know the Scripture in Psalm 37:4 that says, "Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart." Many so-called Christian doctrines have stemmed from this Scripture with the interpretation that God wants us to have all the "material possessions" that make us happy. And the truth is, God … Continue reading Desires of the Heart