NO Excuse for Ignorance

Ignorance can have deadly consequences. When we stand before God one day, no excuse will save us from the sins we committed in ignorance. God gave us His Word—the Bible—to study and KNOW right from wrong. As Christians, we can't assume that if other Christians compromise His Word, it's okay because it's NOT. We must … Continue reading NO Excuse for Ignorance

Keep the Oil in My Lamp

If you were lost at night in a forest without a light, you wouldn't see the path because of the darkness. Likewise, even as Christians, we'll continue to stumble in the darkness unless we keep our lamps filled with oil! The Bible IS that oil! It fills our lamps and allows the Light to shine … Continue reading Keep the Oil in My Lamp

Keep the Oil in Our Lamps!

God is a faithful father who guides and instructs us throughout our lives, and He does this through the Scriptures. When we have decisions to make, He has the answers for us so that we won't be deceived by temptation or fall into sin. For example, if we don't know if abortion is wrong, we … Continue reading Keep the Oil in Our Lamps!

His Word

As we look around, it's evident that the world is going through some terrible situations. From the war against Israel in the Middle East to the horrific climatic disasters in surrounding countries to the social destruction from the pandemic, things are not looking good. But nothing should be a surprise because it's all prophesied in … Continue reading His Word

A Light in the Darkness

The world around us is falling deeper and deeper into darkness, and more than ever before, we need to keep our light burning so we don't stumble. It's heading for God's wrath but we can stay safe by keeping our flame alive and staying on God's path! Many people see this recent time of isolation … Continue reading A Light in the Darkness