The Joy of Singing

One of the remarkable things about the Christmas Season is the music that gives glory to our Lord. And for the older generation, we especially crave the carols that have brought us joy and hope over the years. Although the songs have changed, one thing has not changed: when we know Jesus, we serve Him … Continue reading The Joy of Singing

Facing Tasks with a Happy Heart

We all face tasks we don't want to do, but some of us grumble and complain. As Christians, we should do it all with gladness because we are God's children—His Spirit in us is greater than the world, and Jesus promised He'd never leave. He grants wisdom when we ask and will make a way … Continue reading Facing Tasks with a Happy Heart

Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

The world has no idea what it is doing by forbidding Christians to sing praises to our God. It is wrong in every way and God will deal with those who prevent His children from coming to Him in praise and song! Meanwhile, we need to worship Him at home, sing praises so loud that … Continue reading Let’s Sing our Praises to God!