Shine Your Light

Many people are fighting some kind of battle and feel angry, afraid, and defeated while struggling to endure the chaos of this dark world. As Christians, we can help them find freedom in Jesus, but only if His light in us shines brightly through the darkness. We have to study the Scriptures daily to know … Continue reading Shine Your Light

His Word

As we look around, it's evident that the world is going through some terrible situations. From the war against Israel in the Middle East to the horrific climatic disasters in surrounding countries to the social destruction from the pandemic, things are not looking good. But nothing should be a surprise because it's all prophesied in … Continue reading His Word

Follow the Light!

The darkness of this world seems to be spreading as people hide in fear and anticipate all kinds of negative things because of this virus. We are children of God and we need to be filled with His peace, not with the fear that the world is promoting. Our hope should be in Jesus because He is our … Continue reading Follow the Light!

What Good is the Bible?

Often when Christians try to convert non-believers, they quote verses of Scripture hoping to prove that God is real and alive today. But sadly, to someone who doesn't know God and who has never read the Bible and who attributes the sorrows and tribulations of this world to an uncaring Creator, the Bible has no value. So what good … Continue reading What Good is the Bible?

How Our Faith is a Light for Others

It's amazing when we realize just how many people we influence with our words and actions every day, whether for good or for bad. Our kids, our family, co-workers, neighbours and storekeepers are all affected by what we say and do, and so it's crucial as Christians that we understand how our faith is a light for others. … Continue reading How Our Faith is a Light for Others