Shining Peace and Joy

The negativity and hardships of this world are causing many to live in stress, lose hope, and give up. But as Christians, we have God's peace and joy because we came out of this world and received Jesus as our Savior, the One who overcame this world! We want to let HIS light shine brightly … Continue reading Shining Peace and Joy

We Are God’s Light

It's easy to get discouraged now as we face social restrictions that we never imagined would control our everyday life. However, more than ever before, we need to spend time in praise and worship and study the Scriptures so that we can stay focused on God and on the hope that He has given us … Continue reading We Are God’s Light

What are You Doing with Your Talents?

It’s surprising to learn just how many Christians are silent about their faith and feel that it’s not their calling to preach the gospel. And while it’s true that we aren’t all called to be preachers, we can't ignore our own responsibilities. Every Christian has been given at least one talent, and one day we … Continue reading What are You Doing with Your Talents?

How Our Faith is a Light for Others

It's amazing when we realize just how many people we influence with our words and actions every day, whether for good or for bad. Our kids, our family, co-workers, neighbours and storekeepers are all affected by what we say and do, and so it's crucial as Christians that we understand how our faith is a light for others. … Continue reading How Our Faith is a Light for Others