Countdown: Day 2

IT IS FINISHED! Judas had walked with Jesus, knew He was no ordinary man, but for the love of money, sold Him to the Pharisees to be killed. When he realized he'd betrayed an innocent man, Judas returned the money and then hung himself. Pilate saw that he couldn't win over the angry crowd, so … Continue reading Countdown: Day 2

Our Hope is in Our King

Just before He died on the cross, Jesus cried out, "It is finished!" His promise for a Savior had been fulfilled, and He died and took our sins to hell. The earth shook at His presence there, and the graves of Godly people burst open as their souls were set free. But the disciples had … Continue reading Our Hope is in Our King

To Jesus We Give Thanks!

The season of Thanksgiving is a cherished day. We prepare our delicious feasts and wait for family and friends to arrive and share in the joy of it all! It's a special day for a reason—we are thankful! And we want to celebrate our blessings! We want to give Jesus our thanks! As we gather … Continue reading To Jesus We Give Thanks!

God is Calling!

Whether we’re a regular follower of the news or just a casual reader, we can’t help but notice that the world is in a mess! From domestic issues to worldly disasters, it appears as if everything is coming undone at the seams. While we can't control most of it, we can't just ignore it all, … Continue reading God is Calling!

Who Will You Choose to be Your Healer?

I have lost many friends to cancer in the last few years, and I know so many more who are currently stricken with this horrendous disease and who are battling it with their very lives. It grieves me beyond words that so many people - so many Christians - will turn to the world of … Continue reading Who Will You Choose to be Your Healer?