Our Hope is in Our King

Just before He died on the cross, Jesus cried out, “It is finished!” His promise for a Savior had been fulfilled, and He died and took our sins to hell. The earth shook at His presence there, and the graves of Godly people burst open as their souls were set free. But the disciples had watched Jesus die and believed that it was over; they had looked forward to Jesus staying with them as the King of the Jews, but their king was dead, and their hope was gone. They deeply mourned because they didn’t yet see the complete picture, but we see it, and today, we live in God’s grace because we know that Jesus rose from the dead and is very much alive—and that He IS coming back soon to rule as King over this earth forever!

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Thanks for stopping by, and remember that Jesus died to give YOU life. So, enjoy your day and keep your hope in Him! … ronnie

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