The Sting of Unforgiveness

Betrayal hurts, and anger and hatred grow when emotions take control. When Jesus died on that cross for our sins, HE FORGAVE US and continues to forgive us even though we don't deserve it. The person who hurt us might not care and may do it again, but we forgive them anyway because we can't … Continue reading The Sting of Unforgiveness

First Impressions!

We've all heard it, "First impressions are everything," yet they're really not. Many people are hurting but hiding it, so we think things are well with them. Others can't hide their pain or frustration, so we judge them because we see them through the world's eyes. But we need to see all people through God's … Continue reading First Impressions!

Show God’s Love

There are times when we silently judge others for how they dress, speak, or react in various situations. We are quick to turn away and not offer them help, especially if they are believers, because we don't like how they present themselves. But this is not the way to treat people because we don't know … Continue reading Show God’s Love

Peace and Forgiveness

Thirty-five years ago, I suffered one of the worst nightmares of my life: my six-year-old son was viciously attacked by a neighbor's dog that tore his arm to shreds, causing years of emotional trauma and a string of medical procedures. But God was very present in our lives and He brought our son through this … Continue reading Peace and Forgiveness