Who are You?

Many “Christians” appear to have different personalities and even different standards of living at various times, depending on what day of the week it is or what company they are with. But should we, who call ourselves Christians, change who we are to fit in with other people or situations and just assume that it’s okay? That God understands?

God has called us out of the world; our sins have been forgiven and He has put His Spirit in us. We are children of God; we are holy people, and we need to act like His children, speak like His children and live like His children all the time. We can’t win souls for Christ if we are hypocrites and live a double standard. We cannot serve two masters. As believers and followers of Christ, we need to represent Him in all we do—all the time.  If we are truly saved, then we will want to have a relationship with Jesus and live for Him and with Him all the time; not when it’s convenient—but all the time.

Be Holy

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