The Power of Prayer

There is power in prayer! On our own merits, we do not have the power to fight the mighty spiritual battle that surrounds us, but God is greater than this battle and He CAN and WILL fight it for us when spend time in prayer, surrender to Him and trust Him. We need to flood the airwaves to Heaven with our prayers, and then walk by faith and not give in to what we see OR hear. God has called us to be His Ambassadors and so we need to pray to God and praise Him for giving us the victory so that we can continue doing His work, telling people about His salvation and the soon coming Rapture, and His wrath that He’s about to pour upon this evil world. Let’s be faithful. Let’s keep those airwaves filled with our prayers and praise Him for the victory that He’s giving us. God loves us and He is faithful to our cries. He wants us to continue winning souls for His Kingdom until the time when He sends Jesus to come and take us Home, so let’s pray and trust God to bring us through this battle and into victory for His name’s sake.

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