Our Hope and Our Strength

Jesus is our hope and our strength. When we rise each morning and give Him praise and thanks for a new day and for being our Savior and Lord over our lives, His presence floods our souls and we are made strong. Many people are hurting and searching for the hope that we have, so let’s be a light today and shine for them so they can see Jesus in us and know the love He has for them.

Be gracious

God is faithful to us, His children, when we submit our lives to Him and obey our Father. Truly, our hope for salvation and for escape from this corrupt world are in Him. We wait for Jesus to call us home, but in the meantime, there is work to be done, people to share God’s love and salvation with, and brothers and sisters to be encouraged. Please share this message so that we can work together and make our light shine brighter.

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God is good … all the time. And all the time …

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