Success of a Loser

motive Charles SpurgeonMany people feel that they don’t need God intervening in their lives because they have it all under control. They are educated, have an amazing career and a great social life, and they credit their “success” to their own initiatives and labor. However, their success should really be labelled: the Success of a Loser.

Why a loser? Because without Christ we are nothing! Without Christ we are born into this world and will die in this world and will never see the goodness of God now or in the future. And some will say that at least they had it good while they were here, but that’s what really makes them a loser! Death on earth is only our spiritual separation from our body and from this world. Life is not over when we die; it goes on throughout eternity and is based on the choices we made here. Those who find Jesus while they are on earth will live with Jesus forever, and those who choose life in this world rather than Jesus will spend eternity separated from God in a place of cold fear and horror.

There are only two options after death and the time to choose one is now! There is no second chance once we die. God presents many opportunities for all of us to realize that we are sinners who need to be saved. Now is the time to come to the cross, to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and King and to reserve that place in Heaven for our future.

People work hard to save money for “their worldly future” and to fill their houses with things that add to their financial worth. They enjoy being honored and respected for their accomplishments and they love to talk about all their great successes. But what is success in this world? It’s simply a deception that people spend their lifetime trying to obtain, and yet, they can’t take any of it with them when they leave.

There is a wayWorldly success will satisfy the human flesh, the desires of the heart and the mind of someone who believes that their life is deserving of it. But the body only lives on this earth for a short time compared to the full span of life that never really ends. Material possessions have a beginning and an end, and so does fame; yet people give all they have to get it.

Success can’t be determined by what we have accumulated with our hands, but rather, by what we have accomplished with our heart. We are told in 1 Corinthians 3:13 that everything we have done will be burned with fire and only the things that come out of that fire will be received in Heaven. This doesn’t mean that God is going to literally set our houses on fire. But what He does mean is that IF what we have accomplished in this world COULD be burned with fire—such as our material possessions—then it would never make it to Heaven. So in essence, the things we’ve worked so hard to give ourselves here have no future in our lives at all.

It’s time for people to stop collecting material things and to start collecting Godly things. It’s time to stop seeking after worldly success and to start seeking after Godly success. When we stand before Jesus, we will lay at His feet the things that we have done in His name and to His glory. That cottage by the lake won’t be one of them. Our cars and jewels and bank accounts won’t be with us. What we will give to our King on that day will be the souls that we brought with us! The crown we earn for our labor will be our gift that we lay at His feet!

And if we spent our time on earth seeking worldly success instead of accepting Jesus as our Savior and focusing on His will, we will miss the greatest reward of a our lifetime. We will all stand before Christ our King one day; those who never accepted Him as Savior while they were on earth will beg for one more chance to become saved—but it will be too late. And others who knew Jesus, but who spent their lives pleasing themselves instead of sharing the gospel will be crushed because they have nothing to give to their King.

The ultimate success in life is not what we accomplish in this physical world. Our greatest accomplishment and the event that will truly make our life a success will be that moment when we stand before Christ in Heaven and lay our Crown at the King’s feet. This is our reward for success and it will separate the winners from the losers!


Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.—James 1:12

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