What Does God Want for Me?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWe live in a world that strives for things, for greatness, for independence and for respect. We push forward to be educated, to achieve amazing careers and to be noticed. We spend our lifetime trying to impress people and stressing to meet their approval in this sinful world. Many of us are so caught up with trying to be part of this world that we totally miss the mark and neglect to ask, “What does God want for me?”

Often, high school students are counselled to pursue careers that their advisors feel is best for them. While some do what they want to do and go on to achieve the goals that they chose, others are talked into doing what is suggested and eventually, they fall to the wayside because it’s not what they wanted to do.

Life is short and complicated at times. We get ourselves into situations that we wish we hadn’t. We jump ahead of what we’re capable of doing and end up spending years trying to repair the damage and the setback that it caused. Life would be so much easier for everyone if we would all just realize that this world is on a spiral downwards and that only those who find God and seek His will are headed up!

Sometimes the thing that we want to do burns deep in our heart and we know that it’s God’s will for us. We have peace with it and our choice lines up with the Scriptures and gives glory to God. And when we follow our heart and pray for God’s guidance, we will achieve our goal because it’s also God’s goal for us. And there is nothing more rewarding than living within His will.

  • Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.—Philippians 4:8

222043_673600395998697_722984724_nWhat seems to be a good idea might not be what’s right for us at all. Sometimes our eyes are focused on the future and how we will be blessed when all the education and training is completed and when the earnings from our chosen career start to pour in. It’s always about us, it seems! But we are just one small peg in this big wheel called “life” and unless we can see and understand the full scope of the wheel from start to finish, our ideas of how to function as an individual peg may be totally wrong.

But God does see the big picture. He sees HIS plans and HIS will for this world and for His children who live in it. Whether we want to face the facts or not, this world is filled with sin because it’s being greatly influenced by the devil, and God’s will is to soon put all of this to an end. This isn’t how He wanted His world and His children to live. But sin came in and infected everything with evil and that evil is getting worse. That’s why Jesus will soon return and put an end to it all and cleanse this world of sin. And those of us who realize that have so much to look forward to….but we have work to do in the meantime.

The most important goal of our lives should be to preach the gospel and get people to come to God. Nothing should be ahead of that—no career, no job, no material possessions, no future security in this world. Does that mean we should not seek a career? Not at all! We need doctors and lawyers and caregivers and health and fitness experts to guide us. But we can’t all be the doctors or the lawyers. We can’t all be the eye or the mouth that everyone sees. Some of us have to be the parts that no one sees and that don’t get a front page review. We have to realize that whatever we do is to be done to the glory of God. To Him, every child of His is special, and every job He gives them has a purpose, and everyone who seeks His will and does it WILL be rewarded.

treasuresIt’s not about us and what we can gain in this world. It’s about God and doing His will and getting as many people as possible to come out of this world and go to God. We shouldn’t be so concerned about what the people of this world think or how we can live well in this world because it will all end for us when we die—and we can’t take any of it with us. But when we do God’s will and win souls for His kingdom, then those souls will be the possessions that are our greatest treasure when we get to Heaven. They will be worth more than anything we could have accomplished for ourselves on this earth.

When we follow God’s will, it brings Him great joy! And when our goal lines up with God’s purpose for us, then we are blessed; our lives are blessed and God is pleased with us. We are part of God’s family and what brings Him the greatest delight is when we love Him back enough to do His will and rescue His children who are still lost.

  • For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.—Matthew 6:21


*Photo by evangelum.org

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